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Mrs England - Head Teacher

Mr Holt - Y5/6 Teacher

Mrs McGrath - Y5/6 Teacher/Assistant Deputy Head

Mr Pearson - Y5/6 Teacher 

Miss Whitton - Y3/4 Teacher

Mrs Holly - Y3/4 Teacher/Phase Leader

Mrs Bryson - Y3/4 Teacher

Mrs McDermott - Y1/2 Teacher(Job Share)

Miss Mawdsley - Y1/2 Teacher

Mrs Kenyon - Y1/2 Teacher/Deputy Head

Mrs Patterson - Reception Teacher/Phase Leader

Mrs Hickford - Reception Teacher

Mr Grundy - Specialist PE Teacher

Mrs Williams - SENCO/Y1/2 Teacher (Job Share)

Mrs Bond - Business Manager

Mrs Monkhouse - Admin - TA

Mrs Digioia - TA

Mrs Taylor - TA

Mrs Friggieri - TA

Mrs Lake - TA

Ms Heys - TA

Mrs Lehan -TA

Miss Duffy - TA

Mrs Stephenson - TA

Mrs Robinson - TA

Mrs Walker - TA Reception

Mrs Toal - TA Reception

Mr Hunt - Caretaker

Mrs L Bather - TA