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Eco Team

Welcome to Holly Mount's Eco - Committee Webpage.  This page will tell you about our committee and some of the ideas we have.  As an eco-committee we have to hold meetings, make suggestions and decisions as well as being involved in projects that the eco- committee runs.  


This year so far we have:

  • Elected new members for our eco-committee  
  • Completed an environmental review of the school 
  • Created an action plan 
  • Created  notice board
  • Suggested activities for our school Green Day 
  • Created a pumpkin patch

Aims for the future: 

  • Improve our school gardens and pond area
  • Plant flowers and trees in the school grounds
  • Maintain the Key Stage garden plots

I'm pleased to announce we have been awarded the Silver Eco Schools Award

Our Green Day 2019

When Incredible Edible came to visit.....

Exploring the various plants in the Orchard
Tasting some chives
I'm not sure Halle likes the chives
Searching for Ramson
Tasting Ramson
David introducing the wishing tree
Miles making his wish
Hanging wishes on the tree

Holly Mount have green fingers!!!

Brightening up the flower beds
Planting leeks
Planting courgettes

Making compost with Mr Turner