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Holly Mount Roman Catholic Primary School

Nurture, Encourage, Love

Year 4 (14-15)

Year 4 BLOG - VE DAY CELEBRATIONS 70th Anniversary 


This morning, in glorious sunshine, we strode into Tottington singing our own version of 'It's a long way to Tipperary' (We sang It's a long way to Totty Village - thanks to Elizabeth).  We arrived at Whitehead Gardens to hold a memorial service for all the people who died in the Christmas Eve bombing of 1944.  We said a few prayers and laid down a red, handmade rose for each of the victims.  The roses were inspired by the poppy display at the Tower of London.  Our version was a clay red rose, the emblem of Lancashire, modelled and painted by us in class. We all dressed up in World War Two outfits and later in the afternoon back at school, held a VE day street party outside until the rain spoilt it!  Even so, it was a lot of fun and a very memorable day.


Y4 May 8th 2015

VE day celebrations

Remembering the Tottington bombing of 1944

Year 4 Spring 2 Spelling List

Manchester Airport Trip February 10th 2015



Yesterday, we visited Manchester Airport Visitor's Centre.  We went to learn more about transport for our 'Journeying around the UK' topic - we had an amazing time, learning lots whilst having fun. 

First of all, we had to put on high visibility jackets and we were shown around different planes outside, we learnt what the different planes did and how they were put together and tested.


Our tour guides were really kind and allowed us to go into the hangar that held.......CONCORDE!!  Our tour guides Steve and Harold knew so much about Concorde and we learnt loads from them, such as;

Concorde has 12 wheels - two on the tail to protect it when taking off at a sharp angle.

Concorde could travel at a top speed of 1,350 miles per hour, causing a sonic boom!

Concorde had to travel at just 500 miles per hour over land to prevent damage to buildings!

Concorde has delta shaped wings.

The Queen used to travel on Concorde and always  sat in seat 1A. Her favourite plane was the Alpha Charlie in Concorde's fleet - the one we visited yesterday!

Concorde has tiny windows to help it fly faster (originally it was planned to be built without any windows.)

Concorde could carry up to 100 passengers only.

It was the fastest plane across the Atlantic - London to New York in just 2 hours 58 minutes.


Afterwards we got to board a Monarch DC10 and learn all about jobs in the air transport industry - we even got to sit in the Captain's seat in the flight deck and wear his hat!


After lunch we did some plane spotting and watched the Airbus A380 take off.


We had a great time and got back to school tired, but happy.




Iceberg poem

Whit Scar Caves Trip


I have set some My Maths homework - there are two pieces on 'Time'. They need to be completed by Thursday October 23rd. Remember to use My Maths on an iPad you need to download the free app 'Puffin Academy' first. If you don't have access to the internet you can always do the homework on a Monday lunchtime or I can print out the task on paper for you to take home.


All homework tasks for our Stone Age topic must also be completed by Thursday 23rd October so that we can have a 'Show and Tell' session with the rest of the lower juniors.



Mrs Holly

13th October 2014

Homework Cave Song

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